Top 5 Free Animated Mockup Template

by deeplab
May 25, 2020

Static mockups are gradually being replaced by animated mockups. Although this process is still in its infancy, after a while designers will prefer animated mockups to present their work. First of all, animation allows you to look at the product from different angles. Also, the animation makes the action mockup more lively, more realistic. Let our mockups be as dynamic as our lives.

In this post we have collected 5 interesting and different animated mockup that can be useful for you.


1. Animated Mug mockup


Mug or cup mockups always were static for us. But this animated Photoshop mockup template can show your branding with 3d, realistic feeling. You can download a free version of this awesome mockup from gumroad.

If you interested in purchasing the full version of mockup then go to Creative Market profile of author


2. Free Sketchy Animated iPhone Mockup

Super interesting non-standard sketchy animated iPhone mockup. This sketchy mockup will be an attractive part of your presentation. 



3. Animated watch mockup for UI/UX designers


Another interesting animated mockup of an Apple Watch. By using Photoshop you can edit this 1600 x 1200 px mockup in a second. Animated preview



4. Animated Outdoor Billboard Mockup

You can visualize your non-standart outdoor billboard (prismaboard) design with this interesting animated mockup. Author’s Dribbble page. | Full presentation on Creative Market



5. Twisted Animated iPhone Mockup


If you want to show your app or responsive UI design in an outstanding way then download this free mockup. Look at this video preview before download. Download black iPhone animated mockup for free.

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